Koara no Machi (koalas_march) wrote,
Koara no Machi

Pokemon Trainer Card Templates. [15]

Example cards made with templates.

Full Size Templates

Trainer Cards Mini

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Yay! These are neat! ^^ I saved a couple and hopefully I'll use them soon :D
Wow! How can you make that photo to your mini trainer card??
I used a doll base. I believe it's from http://daisykitten.net/ecandy/home.html but I could be wrong.
it's actually from Angy-chan.
I don't know if you would accept edits of these or not, but I made some.

Just give credit and I'm all good ^^
i hope you don't mind, but i really really liked your minicards, and made one of my own...
These are so cute! I hope you dont mind if I take some of the mini cards for my own use. <3
I'll make a mini-trainer card :)
Oh, awesome! Hope you don't mind if I use some of these. I will, of course, give you credit ♥